Glen Rock Police Department - 1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452 EMERGENCY: 9-1-1; 201.652.3800; Records Bureau: 201.670.3941

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Meet the Officers of the Glen Rock Police Department

LT. Daniel Dour

Serving Since 1989

Sgt. Frank Riggio

#8127 Patrol Supervisor, Accred. Mgr.
Serving Since 2003

P.O. Annamarie Mattina

#8129 Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit
Serving Since 2005

P.O. Michael Trover

#8134 Patrol Div., Motor Unit
Serving Since 2006

P.O. Gregory Carter

#8139 Patrol Div.
Serving Since 2009

Sgt. Dean Ackermann

Serving Since 1986

P.O. Scott McGovern

#8130 Patrol Div., Traffic, Firearms Inst., Motor Unit, Radar Inst.
Serving Since 2005

P.O. James McGill

#8135 Patrol Div., Bicycle Unit, Juvenile Officer
Serving Since 2007

P.E.O. Daniel Carter

#8126 Parking Enforcement

Sgt. Christopher McInerney

Serving Since 1998

P.O. Adam Pyatak

#8122 Patrol Div., Motor Unit Coord.
Serving Since 1999

P.O. Bryan Scott

#8132 Patrol Div., Motor Unit, Drug Recog. Expert
Serving Since 2005

P.O. Robert Surdyka

#8137 Patrol Div.
Serving Since 2008

Sgt. Eric Reamy

Sgt. Eric Reamy

#8117 Detective Bureau Sup., Firearms Inst.
Serving Since 1988

Sgt. Robert Wojteck

#8124 Patrol Supervisor
Serving Since 2002

P.O. Murray Yang

#8133 Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit
Serving Since 2006

P.O. Lucas Doney

#8138 Patrol Div., Domestic Violence Liaison
Serving Since 2009

Det. James Calaski

#8123 Detective Bureau, Radar Inst., Bicycle Unit
Serving Since 2000