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Detective Bureau


A full time Detective Sergeant and a full time Detective staff the Detective Bureau.  They investigate crimes that have been reported to the Police, which did not result in an immediate arrest, follow up on all cases that are to be prosecuted and continue investigations prior to presenting cases to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.  Each year numerous offenders are arrested and prosecuted as a result of these investigations.

The Detectives operate in cooperation with other Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Narcotics Task Force, County Police and Sheriff’s Departments to investigate a wide variety of criminal offenses committed in Glen Rock or crimes committed in other jurisdictions by persons who live, work or travel through Glen Rock.  This cooperation also allows for a vast network of regional Law Enforcement services and investigative specialties to be available to this community as needed.

Other services provided by the Detective Bureau include criminal record checks, insurance inquiries, DMV records checks, investigation of applicants for liquor licenses, solicitors’ permits and autocab permits.  Assistance is offered to the Municipal Court in gathering information necessary to prepare certain complaints signed by private citizens, and reviewing of “discovery” issued to private attorneys and insurance companies. 

Detectives also assist with individuals committed to the Bergen County Jail, Bergen Regional Medical Center or other psychiatric facilities, Juvenile Shelters or other facilities.  These commitments require necessary paper work to be completed and judicial or medical approvals to be obtained. 

Each month Detectives attend meetings throughout the County to share regional enforcement and intelligence information with other law enforcement agencies.  Detectives appear to give testimony in many cases presented to the Grand Jury, Superior Court of New Jersey and Municipal Courts.

Full cooperation exists between the Detective Bureau and the Patrol Division, in conducting the necessary police functions and investigations for the Department.


2010 UPDATE: Non-criminal fingerprinting services for private citizens including applicants for certain types of public and private employment, applicants for various permits, and potential adoptive or foster parents have been outsourced to a private State contractor.  Under most circumstances local police agencies will no longer offer this service.  If you need to be fingerprinted please see our section “frequently asked questions” for more information.


Detective Bureau Direct Phone Numbers:
Detective Sergeant Eric Reamy (201) 670-3947

Detective James Calaski (201) 670-3948

E-Mail the Bureau:

Detective Sergeant Eric Reamy

Detective James Calaski


Knowledge is Power!  

Know how to protect yourself.  The  Crime Tips section of our website contains useful information about Credit Fraud, Burglary Prevention, Suspicious Activity, Child Safety and Domestic Violence.  Please view this section and learn how to protect yourself and your family. 


Citizen’s Complaint Procedures:

Officer I want that person arrested!  How many times have your heard that line in the movies?  However, in real life it is not that easy.  In most cases a Police Officer may have to witness a particular offense in order to make an arrest or even issue a summons for a traffic violation.  But this does not mean that you are without recourse.  The State of New Jersey gives private citizens the right to sign a complaint charging a violation of the law through the Municipal Court in the jurisdiction where the offense is alleged to have occurred. 

In order to sign a complaint charging any individual with a criminal or disorderly persons offense you must first file a Police Report.  After your have done so, you may obtain from the lobby of the police station, or the Court Administrator, a citizen’s complaint package that contains the appropriate affidavit.   Complete these forms and return them to the Municipal Court Administrator during normal business hours in person.  The Municipal Court Administrator requires that you make an appointment in advance. 

The Glen Rock Municipal Court office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.  The phone number is (201) 670-3950. 

Upon review of these forms, the court will prepare a formal complaint for you to sign under oath.  Complaints are only issued if the court determines that probable cause exists.  In some cases you may have to appear before the Judge, in court, and give formal testimony to establish probable cause to the satisfaction of the Judge.

In the case of a Borough Ordinance, Motor Vehicle or Parking Complaint, you do not have to complete an affidavit.  However, you still must appear before the Municipal Court Administrator, during business hours, to sign a complaint under oath. Filing a police report does not constitute a formal complaint with the court.  In most cases a Police Officer may have to witness a particular offense in order to make an arrest.  Should the officer not witness the offense, the person making the allegation must sign the complaint. All defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  As the complainant, you must be prepared to prove your case in court.  It is recommended, but not required, that you consult your attorney before signing any complaints.

Procedures may vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  If you wish to sign a complaint for an offense that occurred in another town, contact the court in that town an ask what their procedures are.

NOTICE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS: If you are a sworn law enforcement officer employed by any Federal, State or Local agency empowered to make an arrest under NJ State Law, please notify the officer in charge.  You will be advised of the procedure for complaints filed by officers from outside agencies.



Learn more about the how the Glen Rock Police Department keeps the students of Glen Rock safe.



The latest in news, reminders, alerts, updates, and press releases of recent crimes or events concerning the police department are detailed here.  This section also provides the police department a means to keep you informed, and also a way to ask for your help to solve a crime or other incidents.



The answers to your most frequently asked questions may be found here.  Questions range from what number do I call if it is NOT an emergency and can I park my car on the street overnight, to how to obtain a police report and what do I do if my car has been impounded.



Parking on the street, or in the municipal lots (metered, resident commuter or shopper, etc.) is prohibited between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. In the event of an overnight guest, disabled vehicle or other similar circumstance, permission for a one night exemption may be granted by calling (201) 652-3800 and following the voice prompts to speak with a dispatcher about overnight parking. 

NOTE: In the event of snow, when roads may need to be sanded or plowed, there will be no overnight exemptions allowed. 



Questions regarding the Borough of Glen Rock's Alarm Ordinance are detailed in this section along with registration forms and other answers to frequently asked questions.



What are the most common crimes committed in Glen Rock?  Identity Fraud, Burglary, Theft, and Domestic Violence.  This section advises on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.



Identity Theft has a wide spread problem.  This section informs you on what to do if you feel that you have been a victim of Identity Theft and how to protect yourself.



Do you need assistance with a stray dog in the neighborhood or have a wild animal on your property that may be sick?  This section touches on who you should call for help on these and other matters.


  • Licenses, Permits, and Parking Questions

This section explains how to obtain resident parking permits and where to park your car.  If you are not a Glen Rock resident and wish to use the commuter parking facilities, please review this section for cost information, where to park, and the process in which to do so. 

 Landfill Permits and Soliciting Permits are also detailed here.


  • Juvenile Issues

The Glen Rock Police Department, The Glen Rock Board of Education, and the Officials of Academy of Our Lady work closely to ensure the safety and well being of the children who attend school in Glen Rock.  This section details the many programs offered and in effect to instruct and protect the students.


  • Quality of Life Issues

The State of New Jersey empowers local municipalities to enact laws intended to preserve the quality of life.  These laws are called "ordinances" and are passed by the Borough Mayor and Council based upon the needs of the community.  This section contains information explaining these ordinances and how they are enforced.



For Attorney use: Officer Certifications and Foundational Documentation.  Municipal Court Cases ONLY!