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Meet the Officers




LT. Daniel Dour  #8118

Patrol Division Supervisor

Serving Since 1989



Sgt. Dean Ackermann  #8115

Patrol Supervisor, Records Supervisor, Domestic Violence Liaison

Serving Since 1986



Sgt. Christopher McInerney  #8121

Patrol Supervisor

Serving Since 1998



Sgt. Robert Wojtecki  #8124

Patrol Supervisor

Serving Since 2002



Sgt. Frank Riggio  #8127

Patrol Supervisor, Accreditation Manager 

Serving Since 2003



P.O. Michael Ciaramella  #8113

Patrol Division, Firearms Instructor

Serving Since 1985



P.O. Adam Pyatak  #8122

Patrol Division, Motor Unit Coordinator

Serving Since 1999



P.O. Matthew Stanislao  #8128

Patrol Division

Serving Since 2004



P.O. Annamarie Mattina  #8129

Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit

Serving Since 2005



P.O. Scott McGovern  #8130

Patrol Division, Traffic Officer, Firearms Instructor, Motor Unit, Radar Instructor

Serving Since 2005



P.O. Bryan Scott  #8132

Patrol Division, Motor Unit, Drug Recognition Expert

Serving Since 2005



P.O. Murray Yang  #8133

Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit

Serving Since 2006



P.O. Michael Trover  #8134

Patrol Division, Motor Unit

Serving Since 2006



P.O. James McGill  #8135

Patrol Division, Bicycle Unit, Juvenile Officer

Serving Since 2007



P.O. Robert Surdyka  #8137

Patrol Division

Serving Since 2008



P.O. Lucas Doney  #8138

Patrol Division, Domestic Violence Liaison

Serving Since 2009



P.O. Gregory Carter  #8139

Patrol Division

Serving Since 2009



P.E.O. Daniel Carter  #8126

Parking Enforcement



Sgt. Eric Reamy  #8117

Detective Bureau Supervisor, Firearms Instructor

Serving Since 1988



Det. James Calaski  #8123

Detective Bureau, Radar Instructor, Bicycle Unit

Serving Since 2000

Learn more about the how the Glen Rock Police Department keeps the students of Glen Rock safe.


The latest in news, reminders, alerts, updates, and press releases of recent crimes or events concerning the police department are detailed here.  This section also provides the police department a means to keep you informed, and also a way to ask for your help to solve a crime or other incidents.


The answers to your most frequently asked questions may be found here.  Questions range from what number do I call if it is NOT an emergency and can I park my car on the street overnight, to how to obtain a police report and what do I do if my car has been impounded.


Parking on the street, or in the municipal lots (metered, resident commuter or shopper, etc.) is prohibited between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. In the event of an overnight guest, disabled vehicle or other similar circumstance, permission for a one night exemption may be granted by calling (201) 652-3800 and following the voice prompts to speak with a dispatcher about overnight parking. 

NOTE: In the event of snow, when roads may need to be sanded or plowed, there will be no overnight exemptions allowed. 


Questions regarding the Borough of Glen Rock's Alarm Ordinance are detailed in this section along with registration forms and other answers to frequently asked questions.


What are the most common crimes committed in Glen Rock?  Identity Fraud, Burglary, Theft, and Domestic Violence.  This section advises on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Identity Theft has a wide spread problem.  This section informs you on what to do if you feel that you have been a victim of Identity Theft and how to protect yourself.


Do you need assistance with a stray dog in the neighborhood or have a wild animal on your property that may be sick?  This section touches on who you should call for help on these and other matters.


This section explains how to obtain resident parking permits and where to park your car.  If you are not a Glen Rock resident and wish to use the commuter parking facilities, please review this section for cost information, where to park, and the process in which to do so. 

 Landfill Permits and Soliciting Permits are also detailed here.


The Glen Rock Police Department, The Glen Rock Board of Education, and the Officials of Academy of Our Lady work closely to ensure the safety and well being of the children who attend school in Glen Rock.  This section details the many programs offered and in effect to instruct and protect the students.


The State of New Jersey empowers local municipalities to enact laws intended to preserve the quality of life.  These laws are called "ordinances" and are passed by the Borough Mayor and Council based upon the needs of the community.  This section contains information explaining these ordinances and how they are enforced.


For Attorney use: Officer Certifications and Foundational Documentation.  Municipal Court Cases ONLY!




Click here for more information about the Borough of Glen Rock



Click here for more information about the Glen Rock Board of Education